I am unequivocally opposed to tolls. Tolls are a regressive tax that punish working middle- and lower-class citizens. The legislature needs to find a way to use existing transportation revenue to fund infrastructure projects and find a way to cut costs. We also have every reason to believe that rates will be far higher than what politicians in Hartford tell us.



I will vote against any tax increase that is proposed in Hartford. Raising taxes in response to this economic downturn ignores twelve years of Connecticut’s economic and fiscal history. Taxpayers have said “enough is enough”, and I intend on listening to them.  


The legislature needs to serve as a watchdog, and examine our programs to ensure our seniors are protected (ex: providers who over-bill). This pandemic has also displayed how successful telehealth programs can be. I support fully expanding this coverage, which uses telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. By utilizing videoconferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications, we can produce significant reductions in emergency visits and medicaid costs while still allowing seniors and the disabled to live in a community setting. 



I will advocate for stronger increases in Rocky Hill’s education funding from the state. Increased funding will both provide our children with greater opportunities to learn and grow, while also allowing the town to keep property taxes low. I also will place an emphasis on workforce development, specifically in the STEM and trade fields. The next generation of software, life sciences, additive manufacturing, and technology-enabled businesses require workers with new skills, and I want Rocky Hill to provide a workforce for these new industries.  



We should always show our gratitude to those who protect our freedoms. As your State Representative and voice in Hartford, I can guarantee I will be the state’s fiercest defender of veterans. I will vote in favor of veteran's benefits, and work tirelessly to improve the VA.  

Stacks of Coins


Our state doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Connecticut has too many government entities and too many layers of management. I will adopt new budgeting practices, starting from the ground up, to help improve performance, reduce costs, and re-prioritize state spending.